Dealing with aches, pains, and discomforts of the body is not a good time for anyone. In fact, muscle and joint pain in particular can hinder our ability to go about our lives as we would normally please. We may find ourselves catering to the pain, and avoiding activities we love out of fear of making the pain worse. We may rest more often than we want to as a way to cope with the pain, but in the end, staying stagnant only makes the issue worse. After receiving an examination and appropriate care plan from a reputable chiropractor, here are things you can do to optimize the benefits: 

Abide By Treatment Plan
If your chiropractor gives you a treatment plan, then it’s important to stick to that as closely as you can. A chiropractor will make recommendations for how many visits to have, and how often, in order to give your body the support it needs to heal, recover, or reach a health goal. Whether you are seeing a chiropractor for a musculoskeletal injury or illness, abiding by the care plan will be paramount. 

Give Your Body Water

There’s a reason that water is our life-sustaining source. Water is very important in allowing your body to flush out toxins that get released after a chiropractic adjustment. Drinking water can help you avoid symptoms like headaches, fatigue, or tight muscles often caused by these toxins. Without water, your body cannot function in the way it needs to in order to take care of you best.

Keep It Moving
Depending on your condition, a chiropractor may recommend certain exercises or stretches that are suitable for you. Following the movement activities suggested for you by a chiropractor will improve your flexibility and muscle strength. Keeping your spine aligned helps support the skeletal system. It may be tempting to move less in an effort to rest the body, but this may work against your healing overall. Your chiropractor can discuss with you what activities will benefit you, and these may change overtime as your recovery progresses. 

Soak in Epsom Salt
After an adjustment, bathing in epsom salt is a great thing to do. It removes toxins by making you sweat, such as lactic and uric acid. Furthermore, it relaxes your muscles through restoring sulfur and magnesium in the body. How much epsom salt you use will be based on your weight, but the average suggestion is soaking in two cups of salt for up to twenty minutes. 
Buy Supportive Shoes
The foundation for our body is the feet. Wearing uncomfortable shoes that aren’t supportive will not only make your feet sore, but affect your entire body too. Your chiropractor may suggest buying support shoes, inserts, or custom orthotics so the spine is supported properly.