Most of us visit the chiropractor when we have back or neck pain. However, did you know that adjustments of the spine can assist with other issues too? Chiropractors focus on treating conditions related to the musculoskeletal system. A chiropractor can treat a vast range of health problems, from digestive functioning to immune system health, and much more. The practice of correcting spinal and joint misalignments is a treatment chiropractors are seasoned in providing to patients.

Benefits of chiropractic care that you may not have realized before include, but are not limited to, the following:

Better Breathing
Just like every other part of your body, lung function is managed by the nervous system. There is a section of nerves in the middle of the back that signals messages to the lungs and digestive system. If these spinal nerves are hindered in some way, then asthma or breathing problems can develop. Having a chiropractor adjust the thoracic spine can relieve asthma symptoms, helping people breathe more easily. 

Lower Blood Pressure
Victims of high blood pressure often have no symptoms before the issue becomes life-threatening. Every person should visit the doctor every twelve months to get a blood pressure check. If yours is on the rise, you may want to consider incorporating chiropractic treatments into your care plan. For those with high blood pressure, adjustments of the upper part of the neck have shown to be as influential as a double dose of prescription medication for blood pressure. 

Less Headaches/Migraines

Anyone who has had a severe headache or migraine probably already knows just how painful they can be. When our head hurts, it’s harder to function as we normally would, and it can put a serious damper on our mood, affecting our interactions with others. Neck adjustments can reduce pressure on the nerves that could be contributing to the headaches or migraines. By receiving chiropractic care, someone who deals with chronic headaches can see a reduction in severity and frequency.

Healthier Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it isn’t uncommon to experience hip pain, back pain, breech position, and intrauterine constraint. What many women may not realize is that these ailments can be corrected and prevented through chiropractic care. Some women have a misaligned pelvis, which can go unnoticed prior to pregnancy, but can lead to serious issues as the due date approaches. The angle of the pelvis influences uterine positioning. And, if the uterus is not sitting where it should be, the baby may not have sufficient room to move around, leading to problems in development before or after being born. Chiropractic care can correct these issues, among many others, associated with being an expectant mother. Ensuring an aligned spine and pelvis increases the likelihood of a non-invasive, healthy delivery.